In this new blog series, Meet the Little Sponges® Team, we aim to learn more about the people behind the Little Sponges® interactive dual-language program. From translators and writers to the CEO and curriculum developers, Little Sponges® has a diverse team of passionate individuals who aim to create the best bilingual program for young children.

In this blog post, we shed a spotlight on Li Liu, a translator for the Little Sponges® bilingual program.

What languages do you speak?
Chinese and English

What was your path to becoming bilingual?
I started to learn English when I was in middle school in China, but I didn’t really have a chance to speak English until I came to United State many years ago. All my classmates in college were native English speakers, and I was the only international student. I pushed myself to listen to them carefully, and talked to them as much as I could. The more you listen, the better you can speak.

What doors has bilingualism opened for you?
I have been able to teach Chinese in the United States. I am able to be a translator and interpreter for programs like Little Sponges®. I can also talk with my kids in both Chinese and English, since they are growing up bilingual.

What makes you excited about working on Little Sponges program?
I love to teach kids Chinese, and this is such a different experience from traditional teaching in the classroom. The Little Sponges® program has a lot of fun and attractive activities to teach kids other languages. The movies are fun and easy to understand, and all the voice actresses are native speakers.

The people who work for the Little Sponges® program are very responsible, and they are doing a great job to make movies, quizzes, and games that make it fun to learn languages, which is very important for young children.

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