Natalya Seals, is an innovative leader focused on dual language EdTech for young children. She spent the first part of her career working for Fortune 500 companies where she led breakthrough innovations for several big global brands and taught best practices in the Center of Excellence for Digital Innovation.  Natalya earned her MBA degree from the University of Tennessee. 

Natalya’s bilingual skills gave her a tremendous advantage in her work and she wanted to pass these benefits to her children. While teaching her children a second language, she has noticed a big gap in the availability of dual-language teaching materials for young children. So, she decided to invest her time and resources to fill this gap by leading a team of experts to create Little Sponges® – an interactive, dual-language program that makes language learning fun and easy for young children. 

Today, Little Sponges provides a high-quality dual-language curriculum with video content, assessments, interactive games, and other learning activities in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian). 


Natalya and her team collaborate with school leaders and teachers across the country on implementing Little Sponges to improve the engagement and learning outcomes of young bilingual students. Little Sponges has been successfully utilized by schools and parents across the country for 5 years!  Schools that use this program report incredible growth in their students’ language and literacy skills!

Natalya believes that when learning is joyful, children do better in school and life.  This belief is what motivates Natalya and her team to make bilingual learning fun for every child!  She resides in GA with her husband and 3 children.  

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