Forest Adventure – Example

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Forest Adventure Curriculum & Scripts

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Key Topics:

  1. In the Forest
  2. Commands
  3. Food in the Forest
  4. Few and Many
  5. Small Animals
  6. Big Animals
  7. Birds
  8. Spiders
  9. Insects
  10. My Favorite Insect...


Discussion Questions:

  1. How do we know if we are in the forest? What makes the forest habitat unique?
  2. What did Mishka and Frog see in the forest?
  3. What fell on Mishka’s and Frog’s heads in the forest?
  4. What kinds of food can we find in the forest?
  5. What is your favorite food?
  6. What animals did you see in the forest?
  7. What is your favorite forest animal?
  8. What birds did you hear and see in the forest?
  9. What insects did you see in the forest?
  10. What do spiders make?
  11. Were there a few or many ants in the forest?
  12. How many wolves were in the forest?
  13. What color were the bears?
  14. What colors were the ladybugs?
  15. What do squirrels eat?
  16. What do deer eat?
  17. What do eagles eat?
  18. What sounds did we hear in the forest?
  19. What makes these sounds?
  20. What is Mishka's favorite insect? What is Frog's favorite insect?