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Why Little Sponges®?

Authentic teaching & learning materials

Language and content integration

Easy to implement and access

Assessments & progress data

Professional development

Safety: no advertising

Family engagement!

Curriculum and Products

Designed for DLL, ELL & WL Programs: Preschool-2nd Grade!

Learning Through Play

At Little Sponges®, we believe that young children learn more and do better in life when learning is a joy! Our unique Watch-Learn-Play pedagogy reflects this belief and inspires everything we do.

Program Efficacy

45% Increase in Bilingual Index in one school year.

85% Reduction in Vocabulary Gap among English Language Learners.

Designed for Children

Children feel empowered to learn using The Adventure Map to navigate the curriculum on their own.

The Program Elements

What the Experts Say

"Little Sponges addresses the development of vocabulary in both English and a second language in an engaging way for all young children when their brains are most ripe for acquiring language."
Marie Kobayashi
ESL and World Languages Manager
"My students are loving the program I have noticed a ton of growth! They sing Little Sponges song all day long!"
Jocelyn Sizemore
Preschool Teacher
"Little Sponges is a wonderful bilingual program that helps children with learning Mandarin. My students love Mishka and Frog! The quiz section is their happy moment to show how much they know."
Hongying Zhang
Mandarin Teacher
"The students in our Su Casa Vacaciones Útiles program showed immense growth in their bilingual literacy skills thanks, in large part, to your Little Sponges program. The kids, especially the younger ones, were excited by the colorful and fun presentation of the material, and Little Sponges time in the classrooms was enjoyed by students and teachers alike."
Giovanna Alvarez
Director of Su Casa Hispanic Center
"Students who come from background of poverty tend to have limited vocabulary and Little Sponges offers an excellent way to increase students' vocabulary in both English and Spanish and position them for success in our program."
Dr. Holden
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
"We are very pleased with the results in our pre-school and K classes. Students are learning 300% more vocabulary with Little Sponges than before. The students really enjoy watching the videos and participating in the program!"
Jen Jensen
The Head of the Lower School
"Little Sponges respects kids’ intellect and learning capability. The program doesn’t speak “down” to young students. It demonstrates high expectations. Initially, instructors were reluctant users due to the program’s challenging vocabulary and concepts. They have been pleasantly surprised. One can’t underestimate kids' learning capacity when they’re engaged, connected and involved. Little Sponges does it all…engages, connects and involves."
Gini Browsh
President, Live a Language Foundation
"Making Little Sponges a part of our daily routine has been a great experience! The adventures are relatable to children and the vocabulary is easy for most children to learn. We use the hand puppets and the vocabulary cards are always in the writing center. These are great conversation starters! Parents have told me that their children are coming home and teaching them new words!"
Alayna Koury
Preschool Teacher
"I love the program! It's attractive for kids and they can learn Spanish vocabulary in a fun way!"
Gloria Ginyovszky
Elementary Spanish Teacher
"Our teachers and students love Little Sponges! We are excited to continue using the program!"
Eduardo Gonzalez
Bilingual/ESL Coordinator
"My students love the Little Sponges and they really love the songs in the program. They laugh and laugh at the silly parts. I am doing great with it! I show one segment each day."
Alisa Armstrong
Kindergarten Teacher at Primary South
"My students absolutely love this program! They trade in their recess time to work with Little Sponges."
Ieshia Wilkerson
Second Grade DLI Teacher, Cobb County