Little Sponges Bilingual Education Video Immersion Program provides your children with new warm, cute and playful video friends who will activate their language interest. The price is sweet and easy, no passport is required.
The route my family took was more complicated. I will always remember the day when my three young children freshly moved from Chicago, Illinois, USA were on their first bus ride home from La Châtaigneraie, Ecole Internationale de Genève. They knew their address and phone number in French but not much more. Their bus driver spoke no English. They had accidentally boarded the wrong bus and sat quietly — very quietly — in the back seat — as they came to the realization that they did not see their stop. They couldn’t say much that the driver understood. They didn’t understand much of what he was saying either; but they did understand that he was a bit grumpy when he found them still on the bus at the end of that route.
We did not live long enough in Geneva Switzerland for them to learn French; but long enough for them to understand how useful knowing another language can be. When we returned to America they absorbed their French studies with a deeper appreciation than children without exposure to an environment that immersed them in new language. Later, my daughter chose to study in Paris. Introduce your children to bilingual education early while the lessons can slip gently and comfortably into their brains. Later, you may proudly hear of their confidence to pursue study abroad or become a part of an international business opportunity.
Your young children will want to speak to that cute bear and funny frog – no big move overseas or encounters with grumpy school bus drivers are required. Enjoy immersive bilingual education simply, and easily together. Have fun!