Our Little Sponges® multilingual curriculum provides the instructional framework for developing children’s comprehension, oral, and literacy skills in multiple languages using our standards-based Watch, Learn, Play® methodology.  

Our Watch, Learn, Play©  methodology derives from our belief that the acquisition of bilingualism for young children should be playful, creative and accessible to different types of learners. That’s why our culturally responsive curriculum is packed with scaffolded supports that utilize visual, audio, sensory, graphic, and interactive elements.  These supports are aligned with the Universal Design by Learning framework (by David H. Rose, Ed.D. of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Center for Applied Special Technology), which provides young bilingual children with multiple means of engagement, representation, action, and expression when acquiring a second language. We adhere to these principles by allowing children a plethora of opportunities to practice sequentially or flexibly on their quest to advance their second language communication skills. 

  • Watch, listen, sing, and read along to our video learning adventures
  • Practice multilingual comprehension using our games, vocabulary cards, and puppets
  • Develop oral communication skills through dialoguing with the teacher, peers, or puppets
  • Build literacy skills via our interactive alphabet, literacy games, and vocabulary cards.
  • Develop writing skills using our interactive games and writing worksheets.

Our Watch, Learn, Play methodology®  visually represents our methodology as an instructional circle. This methodology works best for our customers who are using our curriculum as the instructional toolkit for teaching multilingual children. However, it is important to note that our curriculum has been proven effective even when implemented flexibly as a supplemental resource in conjunction with an existing dual language curriculum.

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