Whether you are utilizing Little Sponges as the primary curriculum or a supplemental tool in conjunction with your own curriculum, you can utilize our Lesson Planning Guide and Watch Play Learn© framework to develop engaging and effective lesson plans.

The curriculum document provides a detailed overview of each learning module, the corresponding lessons and examples of knowledge that children will gain. The first column in the table indicates the learning domains that will be covered by the lesson while the second describes key learning objectives. The third column provides examples of specific topics, grammar concepts and vocabulary that children will learn during the lesson. It is important to note that although the Little Sponge® curriculum appears in a sequential order, the content can also be used “on demand” to review concepts, enrich instruction, and make learning more engaging. The teachers may choose when and how to integrate the learning modules into their lesson plans and classroom activities.

Click on the button below to see an example lesson plan based on the Forest Adventure learning module.